Large Shuck

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12 Akoya Oysters + 1 FREE Akoya Oysters + 1 Set (1 Akoya Oyster + 1 Necklace + 1 Cage of your choice)


These are 100% real freshwater cultured pearls! A cultured pearl is just as real as a natural pearl. The only difference is the oysters have human help in creating these beautiful colorful pearls. Farmers take a small piece of mussel shell or another small piece of material and plant it inside the oyster. As the oyster matures, it forms the pearl around this "irritant". This is also the same way natural pearls are produced.

The colors you will reveal inside your pearl will be random and can include these colors: Hot pink, light pink, lime green, light green, electric blue, light purple, gold/yellow, copper, salmon, wine red, white, silver, black, chocolate, light blue and SO many shades in between! 

The sizes of my pearls will range between 6-8mm.


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